The Multicultural Sci-fi Organization (MCSFO) markets and promotes science fiction intellectual property.  We discuss and educate in the medium of science fiction and technology, with a unique focus from an international perspective.  We are committed to supporting and encouraging rich storytelling, filled with infinite possibilities that challenge us and question our perception of the future.  MCSFO fulfills this goal is by producing The Annual Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival the Kids with S.T.E.A.M. Sci-fi Film Festival, and sci-fi IP Brand Activations like HBO's Westworld among other titles.

About our obsession with Morse Code!
We were looking for a symbol with a sci-fi look and feel, but was international.  Morse code is truly one of the oldest universal forms of communication.  After scouring the internet, the universal Morse Code for MCSFO was born! Then we couldn't just stop there, we had to keep it in the family and give the Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival one too.  Keeping with a particular design, we had to drop the letter "f" off the end.
Here's more on the history of Morse Code on Wikipedia
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